Enough already!

I don’t normally get involved in talk about guns and stuff but after yet another shooting in the good Ol’ US of A I’m absolutely disgusted and saddened. 

Yet again the world has woken up to 50 more people dead for zero reason. Because some guy thought it would be a good idea to take a gun to a night club and let loose. 

I’m sick to my stomach thinking of families who have lost loved ones. Who are missing them at the dinner table. Who will never get over this because an innocent life was brutally taken away. The anger this invokes. 

When I lived in America, we friended a guy who was from the south. We bonded over our love for punk music. We went to see a band one night and it was great. On the way home I saw a handgun in his glove box. He believed everyone should carry and he wasn’t scared to say he wouldn’t pause to shoot a ‘black fella’ if the time came. Needless to say, that friendship ended there and then. He also believed in slavery…not my kind of person. 

It was the first time I’d come across the hate for someone of another colour and the love for a gun. I didn’t get it. We didn’t have that in Australia. I just didn’t want to be involved with people like that. 

Having my own kids I strongly believed in not letting them have any gun toys. And I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping it away from them. Until lately. 

When Marshal was younger he was given a toy gun for Christmas from my mother in law’s neighbour. It went straight in the bin. We didn’t watch violent movies or tv shows.

Now it’s all about guns and shooting people and killing people. I HATE it. I don’t blame anyone. It happened as they learn and watch. I think it’s all started since Marshal begun preschool. It’s all the boys do. Fight, make weapons and chase each other. 

The teachers are great at redirecting the energy into something else as their rules are ‘no guns’. But with the increasing boy population at school it’s hard to keep violence and weapons at bay.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve asked the boys not to yell ‘I’m going to shoot you’ or asked them to put down sticks with the reply ‘but it’s my gun’. It’s exhausting. They make them out of Lego. All the sets come with guns and swords. It’s rare to get it without some sort of weapon. Then they run around pew-pewing. Sigh. 

I’ve shot a gun. Once. On my friends farm. And it was fun I must admit. I shot at a box. Can’t remember if I hit it, probably not, but I did it. Would I do it again? No. I have no use for guns or have no urge to use one. 

We have some pretty strict gun laws in this country. Yes, there are a few gun related crimes, shootings on the news but nothing compared to America. But our gun laws help. They help protect us. Keep us safe. I don’t think Australians need to have guns and we know that. We have no need to carry a handgun in our purse or back pack just in case someone else is and I have to protect myself. That’s just a weird way to think too. 

Take away the guns, you take away the shooting deaths. Simple. Why can’t Americans see that? Its the second amendment. The right to bear arms.  Well it’s actually this: 

How many of these murderers are in a militia? Does anyone even give a shit about what it actually means? 

Amendments are exactly that….why not amend it to let everyone live in safety? Wouldn’t you rather have the right to live without being shot? The fear knowing the person next to you on the bus might be carrying a gun must be horrible. But then you are carrying a gun too so imagine their fear….and the cycle continues. 

I just don’t get it.  

My brother lives in America and I’m scared that one day he or his family will be involved in a shooting. My husband wants/ed to move to Texas but I don’t want to send my children to an American school. That’s when I’d chose to homeschool. Even if it does drive me crazy. I’d rather them home with me than in a school that has metal detectors and security guards. That’s not school, that’s prison. Here I am being paranoid. 

I’m guessing the gun debate rages on and on. It will never stop. There are too many people who think they need guns. There are too many people who don’t want guns in their community. The debate will go on until the end of time. 

So this weekends senseless killings won’t be the last. Far from it. And until someone has the balls to change the amendment and the laws, we will be hearing about mass murders often. I just hope with all my heart that someone you know isn’t involved in the next shooting. 

*noticed how I didn’t get all up in the whole ‘but he’s Muslim’ bullshit? I couldn’t give a rats arse what religion you are or the colour of your skin or who you choose to sleep with. If you chose to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger then you are an arsehat. Pure and simple. Don’t be that arsehat!