My little foodie

It’s been a LONG time since my last post. Why? Who knows. I am probably the worst blogger out there. The blogger that just doesn’t. If blogging paid, I’d be more broke than I am…

My boys are in bed, it’s quiet apart from the TV. I like night times. Bedtime. I count down to it. Once dinner is done it’s all downhill towards 7.30 when I finally get out of the boys room and I can actually enjoy a hot cuppa. A rare occurrence these days.

We have been lucky that Maverick has now decided to stay asleep ALL NIGHT until anytime between 4.20am and 6am. Later is nice, 4am starts don’t agree with anyone and there are many tears before 7am. A few from me, mostly from him. But co-sleeping has seemed to wean itself, and as happy as I am to finally get 6 hours of straight sleep a night, I do miss his cuddles and his little face in the mornings. I make up for this during the day. He such a snuggly little guy.

It only took him nearly 2.5 years, but we got there. And let me tell you, it’s been a long time.

He must dream about food. Sometime he wakes up yelling “banana bread” or “pineapple”. Maybe putting a lock on the fridge wasn’t such a bad idea. If he find’s his way out of the cot, I’m sure I’d find him in the fridge. He helps himself to food now. Last week he ate a whole cucumber and chomped into the tomatoes. At least it’s not rubbish food!!


The thoughts of going through it all again are still hanging around. I’m 50/50 on having another baby. Part of me says, “NO don’t do it, you’re almost through the shit fight, in 1.5 years and you will have 2 days a week to yourself…” but then I see newborns and my ovaries do backflips and I think “what’s another 2 years of no sleep…?” I like to think my number 3 will be my last chance to do it right. Mostly around the birth, but I’m sure I’m screwing the boys up in some form or other*, so one more go to get it right.

*I’m also sure ALL mothers think this at some point.

And I might just get my girl. That would be nice. A gentle girl who won’t tell fart jokes and sleeps like a champ from birth…I can dream right???

Want a poem?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!

Good night!


Oh my, what big herbs you’ve got! (This is my 100th post…eek)

These types of days are my favourite. My husband is home, the kids aren’t screaming and I’ve actually had a shower AND washed my hair.

I’ve changed. I’ve got ideas in my head. I want to be more self sufficient. It’s probably a crazy idea but one that will benefit my family. I need an excuse for my silly thoughts…

Since I’ve changed to Aldi supermarkets from the ever price increasing Coles, (yes I’m naming) I’ve saved a heap of $$. But one thing I love is the specials they have. Last week on a whim, I bought a herb kit. It came with everything, seeds, pots, soil and a little tray to put them on. It even came with chalk to write on the little blackboard on the front. And for $7.99 I couldn’t go wrong. If I stuffed it up, I’d really lost nothing.

Growing fast!

Growing fast!

We all know what a shocking gardener I am, here’s proof. But I’ve decided to try again. Within 4 days I had sprouts and it’s been 1.5 weeks and they are growing so fast. Every time I look at them, and it’s a few times a day, I’m amazed at the speed that they grow. Maybe I can grow things?

I’ve only ever grown 1 pot plant (wink wink) before, when I was in high school, and it grew about 4 feet tall. Then it was stolen. But it grew and that’s what matters.

Then I saw they were selling a raised garden bed. This morning I packed up Maverick and headed to the local shops. If you have ever been to Aldi, it’s crazy at the best of times. This morning, it was packed. People were walking out with 5, 6 or 7 garden beds. I started getting upset thinking I’d missed out 15 minutes after the store had opened. Luckily they had plenty left and I got my 1 package.

I’ve done the maths of how much soil it would take to fill it. 325 litres of soil, its about 30 x 10litre bags…that’s about $90 if I get their soil. Twice what it cost! Maybe it will sit in the car for awhile.

But I have hopes and dreams of growing carrots, broccoli, strawberries and maybe a cauliflower. Keeping it simple, but enough so we can eat fresh. I’m not sure it would save up a lot of money, but I would feel better knowing I’d grown it. And quietly, pretty proud.

It will also be a great learning tool for Marshal and Maverick. They will have a great time digging in the dirt, finding food and seeing where it comes from.

One day, I’ll add chickens to my yard. Maybe I should just go live on a farm…


Oh and happy 100 posts to me!!!!!!!!!! What an achievement. I just might celebrate with some bubbles (ok I’m going to have a cuppa and blow bubbles thru a straw…)



Justicemum’s Coconut Puffs – Thermomix

On my quest for the perfect coconut cookie for my boys, I’ve been trying a whole heap of different recipes. Some I’ve replaced ingredients with terrible outcomes and some with pretty good outcomes.

I want to share with you one of my mistakes that was a good outcome.

I call them Coconut Puffs. I was trying to make a normal biscuit and thought “what if…” I probably should never start a cooking session with “what if…” Chances are it will end up in the bin. But not this time. So here are my almost perfect coconut cookies.

My quest continues though….

Justicemum’s Coconut Puffs – Thermomix

What you need:

  • 100gm Coconut milk
  • 30-50gm sugar (raw is fine)
  • 1 egg
  • 160gm self raising flour
  • 75gm coconut

What you do:

  • Pre-heat oven to 180oC. Line 2 flat pans with baking paper.
  • If you want you can blitz your sugar but I low the raw sugar taste. If you want to, do this first.
  • Add coconut milk and sugar to bowl. Mix speed 7/5 sec.
  • Add egg and mix speed 5/5 sec
  • Put flour and coconut in bowl and mix speed 4-5/10 sec or until its all mixed up.
  • This is a sticky recipe so don’t be alarmed.
  • Put teaspoon sized balls on to prepared tray and carefully flatten a little bit. Leave a bit of space between them.
  • Place into oven for 10-15 mins. Check afte r10 because you don’t want to burn them. Let cool before munching.


Everything I make can be made in any mixer.

Makes about 15 cookies.

I made these another time and added more flour but they were hard balls. Less flour gives them a lovely puff.

Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

As they are nut free I’m guessing they are lunchbox friendly.

You could replace the flour for gluten free if you like, replace the egg for chia seeds soaked in a bit of water, and sugar with rapadura or Stevia if you like. (Please look up the replacement amounts if you replace the sugar as I don’t know this.)

If you want to share my recipes please do, but please give me the credit with a link back here…thanks

A lovely and light cookie. A must for coconut lovers

A lovely and light cookie. A must for coconut lovers

My boys love dipping.

I am a messy cook. My husband hates it I’m sure. I don’t clean up as I go. I just make mess upon mess. The only thing that gets cleaned is Thermo…to make more food (and mess.)

When I'm cooking, it's incredibly messy

When I’m cooking, it’s incredibly messy

Yesterday I had some friends over for lunch. Last time they were down I went crazy with food. Down to making my own mayonnaise. This time I relaxed it a bit. I made 4 dips and that was it. But it was plenty. I loved the casual sitting around dipping and eating.

I love dips. My boys love dips and I love that they love dips. Now I use veggies and fresh ingredients, instead of buying dips, it makes it ok that I can give them a dip dinner. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

You can find the recipes here:

Gherkin dip


Beetroot, cashew and parmesan

Creamy Sun-dried Tomato

Yes I’m addicted to this website. Has some amazing recipes. don't get flavours like these when they are store bought.

Dips…you don’t get flavours like these when they are store bought.

Since I’ve had Thermo, I’ve become a food snob. It’s awful. I took Maverick shopping the other week, but after packing my home made healthy food and forgetting them on the kitchen bench, I had to buy him stuff. OH MY! The guilt I had for giving him “store bought packet food” was crazy. I knew he wouldn’t die eating it. Hell, he’d eaten it for months and he was fine. But the wave of “oh my God, I’m the worst mother” was intense.

I try to make new foods for the family, but end up throwing a lot out. Marshal will take a look at it, or sometimes not even look at it before he yells “I don’t like it, it’s disgusting”. Then continues to eat pasta, peas and corn for dinner. I’m sure he will change one day…right? RIGHT?

Maverick is my star pupil. He eats everything. Such a champ. He had a wonderful time dipping chips the other day over and over again. Luckily everyone was finished, I’m not sure we would have wanted toddler slobber mixed flavoured dips. I’m just happy with some mouthfuls he could still go “mmmm”.

My kitchen after the huge clean up

My kitchen after the huge clean up


I’ve gone mad…lemon mad!

Yesterday I picked about 20+ lemons from my mother-in-laws fruitful tree. I love lemons. Especially when they are free and fresh!

Lemons galore!

Lemons galore!

Then I had the enormous task of deciding what to create with them. Today I spent a bit in the kitchen, making yummy things.

I started by making play-doh. Yes, I used lemons. Not only does it give it a delicious smell, tastes better when Maverick decides to eat it but I didn’t have any cream of tartar. So I substituted. Another reason for the play-doh was to keep the boys occupied so I could bake.



Homemade lemon butter

Next I wanted to make lemon butter. But needed butter to do this. So I made a lot of butter to begin, then made lemon butter for the first time. Oh my, why had I never made it before? It is amazing. I reduced the amount of sugar in it as we eat enough added sugar. I’d hate to think how much sweeter it would be with the full amount of sugar.


After searching the internet for something else to make with the ingredients I already had, I decided upon Lemon and coconut brownies. Normally brownies are chocolate, right? Well I’m all for trying new foods (now) so I got started.

Lemon and coconut brownies. These are so good!

Lemon and coconut brownies. These are so good!

This recipe also called for a bucket load of sugar so I halved it. Glad I did, as it too, is quite sweet. But this was so yummy. Maverick sat and ate 3 pieces, Marshal just said “yuck”. But that was to be expected.







Last item for today, I made a lemon sauce to go on some chicken for dinner. Tangy in just the right way. Of course Marshal didn’t even try it, but Maverick licked it up off my plate, so it must have been ok.

Lemon sauce with chicken, rice and veggies

Lemon sauce with chicken, rice and veggies

I still have about 10 lemons to use before I head out to her house again and pick some more. I’ve just finished easting some brownies covered in a chocolate sauce I made a few weeks ago (can’t let it go to waste…) so it might be getting made again before the week is over.

My treat for after the boys are in bed

My treat for after the boys are in bed









What is your favourite lemony recipe? What should I make next?

Me and Thermo, my new best friend

So today a special present arrived at my house.

It’s lovely, clean and is (hopefully) about to change my life. If you know me, cooking is not my friend. I have issues boiling eggs. My standard meals consist of quiche, sausages and veggies, quiche and pasta.

Now I have endless recipes to try. Yes, I know I could have done more things before, but it was a lot of effort. This machine is supposed to do it all. Mix, chop, blend, cook, self clean (yay), hang out the washing…oh.

I’m hoping a few things:
1. I can save electricity. I now have less need to turn on the stove.
2. Save on shopping. I can make ice cream, my husband will love it.
3. Eat better. Everything will be home made, no preservatives, all fresh food. That sounds pretty good in itself!
4. I can make meals and freeze them. Planning is not my strong suit…yet! Get ready for super mum!

We will see how I go with it over the next few weeks. I’m also hoping, like all new toys, I don’t loose interest in it.

Stick with me, I’m sure there will be more posts about Thermo!

Filling up the baby’s belly.

When I had the baby weighed last week, he had dropped from the 90th percentile to the 45th. The midwife was a little concerned for it to drop so much. They want to check it in 2 months.

Being my second child, I wasn’t worried. Actually, the first child I wasn’t worried about weight. They both started as big boys, and have had good appetites their whole life. This and the charts are now for formula fed babies.

The baby never stops eating. And by never, I mean, he wakes up, grumbles and is happiest when he has a grape in each hand or some cheese. The second the fridge is open, he’s in there reaching for something to fill his mouth. He seems to eat all the time, yet never seems to put on weight. The lucky thing! I’m sure he’d go to bed with food if he could.

He still has 4-5 breastfeed a day too. Where does all this food go? He’s still so tiny…

He loves fruit, cheese, bread, meat…he eats anything. Tries everything.

Now he’s started stumbling around I guess he will need more food. I can’t keep up as it is. I don’t want him to eat too many grapes or blueberries incase he gets a stomach ache, but he loves them so much…and I love the face he pulls when he hits a sour one. Plus his poop smells so sweet…

Seriously, he licks crumbs off plates.

I guess I’ll start to worry when he stops eating.