Lest we forget. Kitchen sessions #7: ANZAC biscuits

In true Aussie fashion, today I made ANZAC biscuits.

I forgot how yummy they are. Both my boys loved them.

Here is my recipe:

What you need:

2 cups rolled oats
3/4 cup self raising flour
1 cup raw sugar
1 tbsp golden syrup
120gm butter
2 tbsp boiling water
1 tsp bi-carb

What you do:

Mix oats, flour and sugar together in a bowl.

Melt butter and golden syrup together.

Dissolve bi-carb in the boiling water and add it to the butter mixture while still fizzing.

Pour wet mixture into dry mixture and stir until all blended.

Grease a tray. Pre-heat oven to 180oC.

Put teaspoon sized amounts onto tray and flatten. Leave space for spreading.

Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Allow them to cool before eating.


Kitchen Sessions #6: Easter chocolates

Today for some reason, I decided to make my own chocolates. No, not from scratch (that would just be crazy!) but melting chocolate and putting in moulds and taking the credit.

Of course, the toddler wanted to help.


I guess he saw chocolate and thought he would just eat it instead.


Ahhh children.

Originally we were going away for the weekend, but due to both boys still having a cold, plans have been cancelled. Now I have no one to share these chocolates with. Oh well. Might send them to work with the husband.

I wouldn’t say I am a master chocolatier, but they’re ok…and taste yummy.


Sunday* Kitchen Sessions #5: gingerbread house

*yes I know it’s Monday but this took 2 days to make, so deal with it!

For the last 2 years I have made a gingerbread creation for Christmas Day. The first year it was a lopsided house with too many lollies, then last year was a train…very poorly put together, with too many lollies.

I always make my gingerbread from scratch. It’s so much nicer and I know what is in it. Plus it’s not hard to do. The hard part is designing the feature item, making a paper pattern then trying to fit it all together after it’s baked!

This year I’ve decided to go an easy way. Another house but with only 4 pieces. The first house had 4 walls, a roof and a chopstick holding it all up! I’m glad royal icing goes hard and holds everything together.

Another thing that’s made it easier, I bought a rolling pin. Yes, this year I don’t have to use a wine bottle to roll it out. Oh the ease! Who’d have thought a .50c rolling pin from a flea market would be so valuable? Should have purchased one years ago…


Of course the toddler wanted to help. All he did was put his dirty hands on the dough and complained when I took it to roll it out. I’ve sent him to bed. I did late baking on purpose…he can decorate tomorrow.

I’m always worried I will under cook the gingerbread and the whole thing will be a schmozzle. And I really couldn’t be bothered making another batch. It’s too hot.

My problem? I get over baking half way through…


Time to put this together! The gingerbread came out great. Now for the royal icing. Oh my, the amount of sugar used. Glad I only do this once a year!

Sunday Kitchen Sessions #4: Cupcakes

Not just any cupcakes…Peppa Pig cupcakes!

Normally I wouldn’t buy these, but the toddler loves Peppa Pig and they were on sale, so why not?

Of course the toddler wanted to help.



I outsourced some of the photography…

So like normal, he looses interest about 4 minutes into making them. I finish them off. There wasn’t enough mixture to fill the 12 patty pan cups that came with it, so I made 10 hoping there was enough for that. Only just!

I got distracted so they probably could have done with 2 minutes less cooking time…but I think they look pretty good after icing.


My official taste tester had a go, the verdict?

He loved it. I had one…tasted how I thought it would. Pretty bloody awful.

Next time, I make them from scratch.

Sunday Kitchen Sessions #3: Pancakes

My husband grew up with pancakes every Sunday. I love the idea. We don’t do it every Sunday, but a lot of them. Now the kids are getting older, I feel less guilty about giving them pancakes for breakfast.

the making begins

My husband taught me this recipe. It’s simple and they taste great. The best thing, they even taste good without added sugar, so they are totally kid friendly.


the Sunbeam Woddle maker

I got this Sunbeam Woddle maker years ago. At the time, it was a cheap bonus purchase after buying a few other items in the Christmas sales. The deals my mum and I got that day! I think after discounts and vouchers, it cost us a whole $5. I think I used it twice before having kids, just seemed like too much effort. Now, the toddler loves penguins to eat.


penguins are cooking

They are a super cute way to serve food. I love how their little belles are pushed in, the perfect place for a scoop of ice cream. The toddler eats them plain. I’m sure he will clue in soon that they taste better with syrup.

I make savoury penguin pancakes filled with meats and hidden veggies for dinner too.


the perfect pancake (the rest were pretty shoddy)


the finished pancakes

My husband isn’t home so he misses out today, so we ate them all!


someone likes them


even the baby gives them a go!

Sunday Kitchen Sessions #2: Gingerbread train


I know it’s Monday but here is Sunday kitchen sessions #2.

We decided to put together a gingerbread train kit. Well, I decided to put it together, the toddler decided to eat the lollies and icing.

It was all going well until I had to go and get the baby from his bed…I came back to this.


The toddler had eaten the icing off the train and was attacking the lollies. He had made some way into the gingerbread. I asked him what happened. ‘It fell down’ was the reply. Of course it did!

Oh well.

Next we might try the house!!!

Sunday kitchen session #1: banana bread

This morning I made banana bread. It’s one thing I can’t totally fuck up, unless you count the last time where I burnt the hell out of it, but we cut the top off and it was eaten anyway!

The toddler wanted to help…



That’s as far as he got then lost interest.

5 minutes later he’s yelling that he wants banana bread NOW! I guess they don’t understand waiting and patience at this age…but there was and is always an empty plate which is all that matters.


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