2016: the year that sucks the big one

Yes, I’m quite aware it’s not over yet but I’m over it. I may as well wrap it up now as what else can be thrown our way in the next few months?

This year has proven to be one of my hardest. Health issues for me, my baby and my family. 

Apart from having a highly stressful pregnancy which ended in spectacular fashion, ongoing issues for months, my husband and both older boys battling their own flu while I was trying to keep baby inside of me, my mother in law getting admitted to hospital, her sister having a stroke and my husband having to hot foot it down to Victoria to see her before she passed away while I was in hospital (she survived and is still going strong at 96!) My baby and I are now battling a bad case of the flu. 

Sadly this one has put him in hospital. This has smashed him and hard. For 3 weeks his little body has been battling and winning but 2 nights ago it was time to get help. 

We came in at 3am and stupidly hoping they would check him over, he would smile and they would send us on our way, it was not to be. 

His oxygen levels were low. A normal person has 100% oxygen. He was flipping between 88-95% depending on if he was sitting up or laying down. They put the little prongs up his nose and he sat comfortably on 95%. 

One of his other issues was his cough. It had been hanging around for weeks. We were lucky to have results negative to whooping cough. Do not look it up on You Tube. You will need tissues. He did come back positive for Influenza Type A. 

The third issue is feeding. He either won’t feed or very small feeds before screaming and coughing then passing out from exhaustion. For the last 3 days his wet nappies are few and far between. 

They like 2 mils per kilo of body weight per hour. So he weighs 6.8 kg (let’s round up to 7) so he needs 14 mils output each hour. So over a 6 hour period he should have approx 84 mils worth of wee. He has had 11-40 mils over this time. I love numbers….

This has become a concern. Dehydration in babies is dangerous. Over night we were woken every 2 hours for feeding. Worse than having a newborn! He had tiny feeds then back to sleep. I’m lucky he’s suck a good night sleeper. But still no out put. 

So this morning they had to insert a feeding tube and he’s currently on Hydralite to hopefully get those fluids back up. I’m on the pump as milk has to go somewhere. 

The next step and I really hope we don’t have to get there, is a cannula for fluids. I have first hand experience with cannula’s and wouldn’t wish that on my baby. 

The hospital has been wonderful. The staff have been amazing. They don’t advocate co-sleeping due to fall risk and I completely understand however it’s the only way we were to get rest. So bless them, they got us a bed and set us up and told me ‘just don’t drop him, get some sleep’. 

So now we wait. They have just reduced his oxygen and with any luck he can come off that today. Then he just needs to prove he can wet that nappy! Can’t wait to get me happy baby back.  


One thought on “2016: the year that sucks the big one

  1. Oh my god, seriously… What an absolutely horrid year you guys are having! Surely once we put 2016 to bed you’ll have a much easier time of things in 2017. Hope your little guy is feeling better very soon xx

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