Week 33.5: needles, cannulas and ultrasounds. 

So it happened. 33.4 weeks it all went south! I end up in hospital. 

Waking up to blood is scary. For 20 weeks since this crazy journey begun, I’ve woken up daily wondering if today was the day for a bleed. I’m not good at resting, never have been. But I have been trying my hardest to take it easy. 

So yesterday when I woke at 6.30 to blood I panicked. Woke the husband, threw clothes on the kids and called the hospital. One thing that’s been drilled in is ‘don’t mess with bleeding’. Don’t um and ah about it. I go straight in. And it was a good thing too. 

So put on monitors and checked throughout the day, it all seemed to go away. It felt weird as I was probably the only woman on the birthing unit wanting to keep baby in!

I’ve had cannulas placed, steroid shots in the bum – twice. I don’t recommend that! Needle count is 5 already. 

All goes well for the day. I’m admitted and told “welcome to your new home until this baby comes!” I just wanted to go home. My boys wanted me to go home. This place is so lonely. 

Cue 2am wake up! Another bleed, a much bigger one! I press the button, the midwives come fast! My words – ‘fuckity fuck fuck fuck’. 

Taken back for monitoring and more bloods for testing. The bleeding slows but cramping starts to come in waves. Not enough to be called contractions but enough to worry a few. By 5am I’m passing out from the pain killers but the pain goes and hasn’t come back. 

It’s been an up and down day. I had my veins mapped so they can insert catheters for surgery. I’ve spoken with my amazing doctors who have said to tell my body to behave and hold on a bit longer. 

Surgery has been brought forward 2 weeks so we get to meet this one way earlier than full term. Way earlier than originally planned. So providing it stays in and there’s no more blood or contractions, then looks like I’m here for at least the next 2 weeks. 

Can’t wait to feel sun on my skin!

At least I now have the correct attire! 

 Have I mentioned how awesome the food is??? 

I have zero idea what this is….


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