28 weeks: is it over yet?

So we made it to 28 weeks without anything going horribly wrong. I’m taking this as a win! Women with accreta and previa normally have bleeds and end up hospitalised, but not me! I’m like a super pregnant woman. Or just lucky….

For awhile now I’ve been in pain with swollen veins in my legs and groin and being stubborn, I haven’t had them checked. But since it’s been pinching and knocked me about a bit I thought it was time to swallow my pride and get my arse to the doctors office to have it looked at.

He sent me for an ultrasound thinking it felt like a hernia as the concern was the pain. But thankfully, it wasn’t. I just have “monster veins” which is good, as they can’t do much for a hernia now anyway. Not that there is much they can do for veins! Just have to deal with it for the next 8-9 weeks. Another fun thing about pregnancy. Good news is that it should go after baby is out.

So I’ve been trying to relax, and take it easy. BUT with 2 other kids, it’s very hard. We had the boys birthday party the other week. Lots of fun. 2 cakes, Marshal had Thomas, Mario and Spider-Man on his and Maverick wanted KISS. Of course I delivered the decorated cakes in true Justicemum fashion. They were so average looking…but I outsourced the baking of the cakes to a friend who did an amazing job. This was the smartest thing I’ve done in a long time.

But now the Christmas/birthday season is over and I’ve re-organised the boys/baby’s rooms, I’m free to relax as best I can and spend time with my guys before bub comes.



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