Justicemum: a year in review

I thought I’d do my year in review now as lets face it, I’m no good at this constant blogging thingo, and the chances of me sitting down and doing another post before the years out is incredibly slim.

Well, the year kicked off with a bang. Marshal started preschool and him leaving me for the first time was heartbreaking, for both of us. It was so stupidly hard. It took him months to feel comfortable with school and the teachers, but now he doesn’t even blink when he’s there.

March we saw my husband go overseas for 4 weeks, which was hard. I was jealous of him having time off with no kids to wake him up. I’m still pushing to have just 1 night away from everyone before April, as who knows when my next chance will be.

Sadly, looking back through my calendar the next few months seemed pretty boring.

Let’s fast forward to Father’s Day. Telling my husband we were having another baby. The shock and excitement of it all. Probably the highlight of 2015.

The next 10 weeks were uneventful. Insert spewing, spewing and more spewing.

Then the scan, the issues, the tears and stress. The hospital visits, and meeting doctors. Seeing baby on the screen, finding out baby was fighting fit. Happiness.

November I caught up with old friends. Exactly what I needed to end the year. Good food, good laughs. Watching the kids play. Need it more often.

December finished the school year, concerts and parties, Christmas shopping, seeing the lights in the neighbourhood, finishing up doctors visits for the year. Looking forward to Christmas day and hoping for the chance to get some rest before next year.

I don’t make new year resolutions. I’ve never kept them, so why make them. My only goals for next year is to actually have some money saved by this time next year. To be credit card debt free. And to have my little family home safe and sound and together.

I’m hoping 2016 brings the world some sort of peace. There is too much anger, hatred and fighting going on. I’m hoping for happiness and good health for everyone. Be nice to your neighbours, get involved in some charity, eat the good food, and laugh loud and often. Do something nice for a stranger. It might just make their day.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Years.


Peace – justicemum. xxx



2 thoughts on “Justicemum: a year in review

  1. Sounds pretty normal to me, with amazing thrown in – a healthy baby on the way. I like your realism! I too am struggling to blog, when your off a roll it’s hard to get going again. One day… Enjoy your Christmas.

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