18 weeks and counting.

Wow, what a crazy 18 weeks it’s been. I can’t believe we are this far in now! Still plenty more scans and tests to go, but we are this far and that’s good! Although, I do wonder most days what the hell am I doing.

It’s really made me think about what I love and what I hate about pregnancy. This time, I actually hate all of it. I’m not enjoying anything, I’m constantly anxious and fearful and I’m really upset as I had hoped to enjoy my last pregnancy. I wanted it to be different.

This is different I guess. I was hoping for good different, not shitty different.

So here’s my list of my likes and dislikes about pregnancy (any pregnancy…)


  • Telling your partner you are pregnant. I kept this one a secret for a whole week and it killed me. I was dying to tell my husband, but wanted to give him a Father’s Day surprise. It was a surprise…he didn’t even read the card!!!
  • Feeling those first kicks. It tickles and bubbles and it’s only something you can feel.
  • Seeing baby on the screen for the first time. So amazing.
  • Having the excuse to eat and eat. I love eating. And now I have a reason to eat more!!! Although it didn’t really stop me when I wasn’t pregnant.
  • The good hair and fast growing nails.
  • Probably the best thing…seeing baby’s face on the outside for the very first time.


  • Morning sickness. This time mine lasted about 9 weeks and for the whole fricken day. Throwing up daily, sometimes up to 8 times a day. Put on medication to try to keep food down. I lost 10 kg in those first few weeks.
  • Kankles…enough said.
  • All the aches and pains. Everywhere. Back, groin, legs, stomach, stomach, stomach…and they don’t let up.
  • Being so damn uncomfortable. All. The. Time. Not being able to sleep properly, not being able to sit comfortably, not fitting behind the wheel of a car!
  • Heartburn. Horrible, horrible heartburn.
  • Veins. EVERYWHERE! In your boobs, in your legs, groin and elsewhere. And they can get so swollen they hurt!!
  • Constipation…yep I said it. Especially if you are on iron tablets…which then brings the fun of black poo!
  • Weeing every 5 minutes. No matter how much you drink or don’t, you will still pee all the time. You feel like you are busting, you go and 7 drops come out! Sigh.
  • And my favourite…discharge. Helpful advice…do NOT google “pregnancy discharge” and click images.

I’m sure there are more things I hate and like but can’t think of them now. Overall for me, it’s not fun, there is no glow – something made up by a man to get him out of trouble with his heavily pregnant wife I’m sure, and labour sucks. But the way that little person who you have never met, melts your heart and makes you love harder and stronger than ever before, is just amazing.

Being a mum rocks…94% of the time!


2 thoughts on “18 weeks and counting.

  1. I hope it gets more comfortable for you, even if you do get bigger. I hated the first half of both of my pregnancies. The last Trimester was the best even though I was huge. It is okay to not like it right now, perhaps ever. It is uncomfortable and you feel huge and “glowing” is not a term I would use. But, it does bring about a great gift at the end. 😀

  2. I relate! My baby who’s now 17 months, was a terror in the womb. I have never felt so awful as I did when I was pregnant, physically awful! It was not fun and beautiful, it was pretty damn shit! So many side affects as mentioned!

    But I do agree with your likes too. Good luck!

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