It’s complicated!

I’m now being referred to as complicated and high risk. Not words you want to hear from medical professionals. Maybe from puzzle experts or bungee jumpers. NOT medical experts.

But we have hit week 15. Normally the “safe” zone. The time you shout the joy from the roof tops. And with the other pregnancies I did. I loved sharing with people we were expecting. Friends were excited too.

This time it just seems like a chore. A huge effort to even feel happy about it, knowing everything could go pear shaped tomorrow. Being scared out of my brain at every niggle, every ache and pain. Not knowing what will happen. Thinking my uterus will just fall out when I get up in the morning. I KNOW that won’t happen. But the thoughts are there.

It’s pretty scary.

I’ve managed to find an online support group with women from over the world who are dealing with accreta, or have been there, done that and kicked it’s stupid arse and survived. These are amazing women, strong, determined and brave. Ever so brave. It gives me hope that I can fight this monster and live to tell the tale.

Women need to be more aware of it. Until 2 weeks ago, I’d never heard of accreta. And I bet most of you didn’t either. It’s rare, but it’s a threat to women all over the world. And its more of a risk to women with c sections. Why don’t the doctors warn you? Why are they pushing women to have so many unnecessary c sections? With the rate sky rocketing, no one tells you this is a possibility for future pregnancies. That you can potentially put your life at risk. I know every pregnancy is risky anyway, but women need to be made aware of these issues that can arise.

My advice, if there is a healthy pregnancy, push that baby out. Shit in front of your husband. Leave your dignity at the door. Don’t opt for the “easy” option. It’s not easier, it’s major surgery, it’s horrible and unnatural, it’s harder. You can’t pick up your baby after birth, you’ve waited 9 months to cuddle them, have them straight away. Enjoy them straight away. Why wait because you are too scare to push it out. Labour sucks the big ones, but it’s not called labour because it is easy.

And I hope my aunt isn’t reading this as I’m still yet to tell her. Wish there was an easy option for that…


One thought on “It’s complicated!

  1. OH How Difficult, no wonder you’re scared. I agree with you & natural delivery being number one choice, if possible. Have you thought of getting a doula for support, mine helped a lot with my anxiety in my pregnancy and birth. Just a thought. Best wishes!

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