Halloween…not for me.

I am not a fan of Halloween. Never have been, probably never will be. Ok, that’s not completely true, there has been 2 times I have enjoyed it. Once in 2001 when I lived in America and once in 2011 when we visited Texas and just happened to be there for it. 

In 2001 I dressed up as a pirate. I’m sure I still have the eye patch somewhere (I tend to hoard things…) Every other au pair dressed up as a witch. We had a small party when the kids were at school, then that night I went with my host family to the towns street party and the kids went to the shops to get candy. It was much safer. The local council put on music and other entertainment. It was fun.

The second time we were in San Antonio, Texas, and had to join in. Marshal was only 8 months old so really had no choice in the matter. The lady we were staying with helped me dress up as a gypsy. And in a flea market, I found marshal this costume. 

 The most adorable duck ever. EVER!

And I handed out the candy to the kids at the door all fricken night. They really go until 10-11pm. I ran out early but didn’t know it was custom to turn off lights when you were dry.

Now I just dislike the day. The last few years it really has become a thing here. I still see it as an American thing to do. I just refuse to buy copious amounts of rubbish lollies, and hand them out to kids I don’t know. I don’t buy that stuff for my kids, so why would I subject other children to the sugars and shit? 

And what would happen if a child has an allergic reaction to something you give them? That would just be a nightmare! 

I would hate my kids knocking on random strangers doors asking for lollies. It’s not the whole stranger danger thing, it’s more that I simply don’t want them asking others for lollies! Not everyone participates and that’s fine, but kids expect everyone to just hand out sweets. They go to 20 houses and only 4 houses are giving stuff out, just makes no sense. 

Growing up ,we lived near a Canadian who organised it for the block. He gave parents the options to be involved by putting a pre-cut pumpkin on the letterbox which let the kids know if they were going to be given stuff inside. A great idea. Now those communities don’t overly exist (yes I’m sure some streets do, and that’s great, keep the kids local and safe) but where I live, it doesn’t seem to happen. 

Maybe when the boys grow up I’ll be expected to get involved, and I will deal with that then. But for now, I’m happy to sit in the dark and pray no one rings the doorbell….



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