The first harvest

Im so proud of myself…I picked my first vegetable from the garden today and used it for dinner!

Ok…I didn’t grow it from a seed, but I planted carefully threw it in the garden and somehow it started growing again. Lettuce. A living lettuce. Growing, in my garden. It’s a fricken achievement in my books. I’ve got another one to go in tomorrow and hoping the same happens.
Today I also planted some more strawberries. My last plants were taken over by the daffodils and other flowers growing, so not sure they would even fruit. I’m hoping these new ones will. I bought the ones with flowers so hoping I’m ahead of the game!

 The other vegetable I’m growing is potato. They started growing under my sink, and I didn’t want to throw them in the bin, and the worms only eat so much, so in to the ground they went. They sprouted and I’m just waiting for them to flower so I can pull them up. I hope my friends like potatoes, because I think I’m going to have a gazillion of them. 

The damn blueberries are doing nothing. Flowering then nothing. Sigh…I just want home grown berries. 

But eating the lettuce tonight has given me another boost to attempt to set up the garden bed I bought last year and is still flat packed. Maybe next year I’ll have it set up and some more veggies growing. Might try tomatoes next.

Baby steps…


One thought on “The first harvest

  1. Oh hahhahahha! We’re from the same school of gardening! We’ve had some success with lettuce in the last couple of months as well – it’s so nice to be able to pick fresh lettuces for sandwiches and salads. We’ve just added some tomatoes as well. Good luck!

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