Toilet training 2.0

On Father’s Day, Maverick decided he didn’t want to wear nappies anymore. I was NOT ready for that. I was planning to start later in the year when I could be bothered. But no, he had other plans.

So begins the second round of toilet training. Surprisingly he’s done amazingly well. The first few days we had a few accidents, but now, almost 2 weeks later, he’s really taken to it. Using the “big” toilet and knowing when he needs to go. We go to parks and he will come and tell me and holds it until we reach the toilet. I’m pretty impressed. He is only 2.5 year old.

A few mornings, I’ve heard him in the bathroom trying to put the little seat on the toilet. It always means it’s time to wake up and help him. Pity it’s always around 5.30am. He is still too little to do it himself. My baby has grown up way too fast. That wasn’t meant to happen.

The only thing is, now he won’t wear undies. Likes to free ball, which is fine I guess. Saves on washing. Otherwise he’s pants-less. I’m glad the weather is heating up. Makes it all so much easier.

Less nappies means less waste means less effort overall right?


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