Sick AND tired

My first week of quitting added sugar, has been a success! Well, I’m going to call it a success. I slipped a few times (one day I ate 2 mint slices but that’s a huge improvement from the 7-8 I would eat before.) and I did have a few corn chips and a slice of pizza. But overall my intake has been substantially less.

It was hard to have yet another celery stick, or more eggs for breakfast. Gets so old after awhile. I’ve never been adventurous with food, so I’m not going to create some amazing time consuming dish because I’m hungry, I’ll just stick to boring plain food. Although I actually found that I got to 2pm and realised I hadn’t had lunch. Taking the sugar out, and replacing with good fats, fruit, veg and protein really makes you eat less. Durrrrrrr. Now…where’s my PHd?

Bring on week 2…

The packet of TimTams are still in the cupboard. Teasing me relentlessly. Bastards…

I’ve also seemed to be rewarded with an awesomely fun chest infection. Coughing like mad for days and spinning head while standing, nausea when laying down. It hasn’t been fun. I never go to the doctors, put it off at all cost. But I had to make myself go and get put on antibiotics. Feeling a tad better.

Just waiting for my ears to unblock and stop ringing…


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