I’ve quit sugar…sort of.

There comes a time in a womans life where you just can’t eat like you used to. This happened to be about 4 years ago for me but I failed to notice. Or chose not to notice.

So I’ve decided to quit sugar…sort of. I won’t be cutting out fruit and veg as some sugar free diets suggest, but I’ll be cutting back on my added sugar intake. Sugar is delicious horrible and bad for you and I know I normally over do it. I love cake, cookies and bread. It just doesn’t like me.

You turn 35 and your body says no more. That baby belly is still hanging around after 2.5 years due to poor eating and extremely minimal exercise. I’m exhausted ALL THE TIME. My skin isn’t great, it gets dry and itchy constantly, my hair is falling out more than it should. It’s not pretty in my body. It is time for a change…but baby steps.

I’m on day 2 of this less sugar journey. Well, day 3 really. Day 1 I lasted until about 9.30am when my friend presented her banana, blueberry and coconut bread and it would have been incredibly rude to say no. And once one slice was in my mouth, I just had to have another. It was damn delicious. Then the chocolate bar that found its way into my mouth in the kitchen that afternoon, I just figured I’d start again the next day. We all take backwards steps, right?

Day 1 I was doing great. Eggs for breakfast, celery and homemade peanut butter for morning tea, carrot, cucumber and some nuts for lunch with some fruit, then a healthy dinner of vegetarian sausages and veg for dinner. The hardest part was NOT scoffing biscuits with my end of day cuppa tea.

By 2.30pm I was feeling sick. Normally I’d grab a cookie or have some toast, but I pushed on. My poor kids baring the grunt of it. I was cranky. I kicked them outside until dinner. I didn’t want to parent as my headache started. Tea was my only savior.

9.30pm I was in bed. Day 1 done and dusted.

Today I started great at 5am when Maverick decides he wants to start the day. A cuppa and porridge. Now, porridge for me includes about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to make it taste like anything remotely nice. But today I added green apple and cinnamon. I was horrible. I’m not going to lie. It was like eating brown gunk I’d scrapped off my boot. Horrible, horrible stuff.

It’s amazing what sugar does to your body. Even after 1 day of drastically reducing my intake, I noticed a difference. The WHO recommends 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day. I would have been well and truly above and beyond that. Yesterday I would have been at 2-3 teaspoons, if that. A huge improvement for a sugar crazed loony like me.

I read labels better these days and normally do watch the sugar content, but it’s time to think about the other crap that doesn’t have labels, like donuts and cakes. I believe in eating in moderation and not completely cutting out food groups (unless you have allergies or intolerance’s).

So wish me luck on this sugar reduction journey. Once I’ve done me, then it’s the kids turn to go sugar free-ish.


3 thoughts on “I’ve quit sugar…sort of.

  1. Oh geeze, I feel your pain. I love sugar, I don’t want to watch that damn sugar movie or quit. But I also agree with why you are quitting and think I need to too. But I’m still in the pre contemplative stage. I’ll be interested to see your progress. Good luck!!

  2. Good luck – that shit is in everything so it will be an interesting challenge! I hear you on the body woes. I have just taken the drastic step of signing up to Lite n Easy to try and shed some of the middle aged spread. Damn it. LOL.

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