Things that make me go blaghhhh

I like to believe that there are very few things that make my stomach churn. But since having kids, it’s changed.

First off I was hit with horrible morning sickness with both kids. Throwing up on the train on the way to work, at work, on the way home down the front of my clothes. Once I even threw up in the car all over the steering wheel! There wasn’t much pregnancy glow in those first few months. 

Secondly, teeth. Watching teeth being pulled or rotting teeth on TV. I’m not sure why but it does. Teeth brushing is done quickly now and when pregnant as the taste of toothpaste is enough to set off that vomiting feeling.

Third, and I stand by this…other kids poop. Not babies, but toddlers. I have a rule, when I babysit friends kids is that they don’t poop. Yes I’ve changed friends babies nappies, whatever, but when they are walking and talking I draw the line. No way am I wiping someone else’s bum that’s not related to me. Urgh just thinking about it is making my stomach roll. 

And number four I learnt today. When others spew. Marshal was sick today and vomited all over the floor and me, and it made me dry heave. He’s thrown up before, that’s not new. But just watching him, and the smell was enough to want to join him with his head over the toilet. But I had to put my big girl pants on and clean it up, strip off and make sure Maverick didn’t keep poking the mess on the floor. 

I’ve held back hair for friends. Had plenty of baby sick on me. Done my fair share of using sinks and gutters as spew spots, but being a parent has changed it all.

I’d be happy never to vomit again. 


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