and then there was 1

Dare I say it? Ok, I will…

I LOVE SCHOOL DAYS! Like…a lot. A REAL lot…

As much as I miss my oldest baby and all that, I really enjoy having one on one time with my youngest baby. Hanging out with him is always fun. Lately we have started walking to get Marshal after school but today we walked to school. I have a board on the pram so Marshal actually doesn’t need to use his legs. It doesn’t stop the whinging tho.

Today after drop off we went past the shops and got morning tea. Had a play in the park at the shops, chased the birds, yelled at the birds, cried because they flew away. Then walked home. Played in the park near home then slowly wandered home. 

He is always stopping and looking at everything. Takes his time getting anywhere but never seems to walk, always a run. But it’s ok, we weren’t in any rush. I was very glad to be out of the house and away from the never ending KISS video he has learnt to put on, even when I turn it off at the wall. Sneaky little guy. 

And nap times are always easier. He will go to sleep rather than fighting it and screaming like he does when Marshal is home. It’s 2 days a week I get a small break from kids now that Marshal isn’t having a day sleep (I held on to it for as long as I could.) 

Next year I will have 3 days alone with Maverick, and I’m looking forward to that even more. 



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