My little foodie

It’s been a LONG time since my last post. Why? Who knows. I am probably the worst blogger out there. The blogger that just doesn’t. If blogging paid, I’d be more broke than I am…

My boys are in bed, it’s quiet apart from the TV. I like night times. Bedtime. I count down to it. Once dinner is done it’s all downhill towards 7.30 when I finally get out of the boys room and I can actually enjoy a hot cuppa. A rare occurrence these days.

We have been lucky that Maverick has now decided to stay asleep ALL NIGHT until anytime between 4.20am and 6am. Later is nice, 4am starts don’t agree with anyone and there are many tears before 7am. A few from me, mostly from him. But co-sleeping has seemed to wean itself, and as happy as I am to finally get 6 hours of straight sleep a night, I do miss his cuddles and his little face in the mornings. I make up for this during the day. He such a snuggly little guy.

It only took him nearly 2.5 years, but we got there. And let me tell you, it’s been a long time.

He must dream about food. Sometime he wakes up yelling “banana bread” or “pineapple”. Maybe putting a lock on the fridge wasn’t such a bad idea. If he find’s his way out of the cot, I’m sure I’d find him in the fridge. He helps himself to food now. Last week he ate a whole cucumber and chomped into the tomatoes. At least it’s not rubbish food!!


The thoughts of going through it all again are still hanging around. I’m 50/50 on having another baby. Part of me says, “NO don’t do it, you’re almost through the shit fight, in 1.5 years and you will have 2 days a week to yourself…” but then I see newborns and my ovaries do backflips and I think “what’s another 2 years of no sleep…?” I like to think my number 3 will be my last chance to do it right. Mostly around the birth, but I’m sure I’m screwing the boys up in some form or other*, so one more go to get it right.

*I’m also sure ALL mothers think this at some point.

And I might just get my girl. That would be nice. A gentle girl who won’t tell fart jokes and sleeps like a champ from birth…I can dream right???

Want a poem?

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!

Good night!


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