Today just plain sucks

Last night I had 7 whole hours of undisturbed sleep…I know! 7. Whole. Hours. 

This morning I felt great for about 3 seconds until Marshal decided he was hungry before I even got out of bed. Yesterday it was Maverick screaming for breakfast before his eyes were even open. 

We were supposed to meet a friend for a morning play, and after giving Marshal an hour to get his things together, he still could not leave the house. So I cancelled. There were many tears, but he just wouldn’t leave without his toys that he’s put somewhere, and can’t remember where. I can only look for so long. It’s been over 2 hours and he still has no idea where they are. 

I’m currently hiding on the floor of my kitchen in the little alcove.

 Yep I’ve put my tracksuit pants back on as what’s the point getting dressed. 

The boys are somewhere, probably watching TV even after I’ve said numerous times no telly and turned it off more times than I’d like to count.  
I wonder how long I can hide for before they realise after all those biscuits they demolished before (yes again after I said no but got the shits with the screaming and threw them on the floor…sigh) that they are hungry and want lunch….

Another day in paradise…


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