This is NOT recommended for anyone!

Yesterday we went to our local shops to pick up a few things. I hate the shop there. The supermarket, which is completely over crowded and the aisles too small to push a trolley through (not quite but close), they have this little corner at the end of the registers that house all the stuff that attracts kids. Lollies, chocolates and other rubbish.

My boys love going there, they never get anything from there but they try it every time. So Maverick picks up these horrible lollypop dipping things and brings them to the counter. As I go to put them back the lady tells me I have to pay for them as he put them in his mouth. It’s here I start getting angry. Ok, it’s $4, whatever. But she was very rude about it, which got to me. They were just going in the bin, but there’s no need for bitchiness.

I read the packet and could not believe what I read. (Actually I’m not sure why I was surprised, just looking at them made my teeth hurt.)

IMG_7298 IMG_7300

36gm of sugar. That’s about 9 teaspoons all sugar of some form or other. Doctors recommend up to 4 teaspoons of added sugar for kids a day. And the warning was “not recommended for children under 3” which it should have just read “not recommended for children” or “not recommended”.

I just can’t believe people actually make this stuff. And then think they can sell it to children!! How do they sleep at night? Probably quite comfortably on their 1000 thread count sheets…pricks.

No wonder this world is fucked. No wonder we have an obesity crisis happening. Kids have direct access to this stuff. It’s bright, colourful and attractive. And there are no guidelines around selling it. We have rules about selling alcohol to kids, yet we let them pump their little bodies full of sugar and artificial stuff and probably before school so they won’t sit still and learn properly. I’m sure it does similar things to the body that alcohol and drugs do especially in the high amount as these things have.

I’m not perfect, I do give my kids a treat every now and then, but I reduce their intake by making everything and not adding the sugar. We don’t eat fast food, if we want burgers or KFC I’ll make my version of it.

I can not wait to see this movie That Sugar Film as I know I will be horrified with the amount of sugar that is in every day food. My kids are probably too young to get the message so it’s up to me to teach them right.

Feeling like I need to rage a bit with the company that makes this “food” and give them an earful…then maybe the supermarket needs to hear my thoughts…


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