Mums don’t stand together. 

I read an article on bathing kids daily and how it really isn’t necessary. So like a lot of other mums I posted a reply to the question asked. 

Do you bath you kids every day?
My answer?
Most comments were about yes my children have a shower and a bath daily. And yes I’m a great mum because of it. And that it is needed And if you don’t then your the worst mum (no matter that the article said otherwise.)
So no my children don’t bath every day. But what came next, will really astonish you:
I was called lazy AND unhygienic.
I wanted to congratulate this lady for a) having 5 kids b) for showering them all every night and c) for giving a shit what goes on in other peoples houses. Good on her. Round of applause.
After being called lazy by a few more people, I left them with this:
There were many mums that agreed with me tho. Many women that don’t see the need to bath children daily.
The article said that bathing daily can stripe the body of essential oils. We are also living in a world scared of germs and dirt. All this cleaning is causing us more harm than good. So many sickly kids. Eat some dirt children.
I certainly don’t shower every day. I wanted to write that just to see the comments!
There really is no sisterhood anymore. All mums are out to attack each other and prove that they are better than the rest. I just don’t get it. We are all doing the best for our families. Why do women get so narky about pointless shit like giving kids a daily bath? Surely there are better things to argue about. How about an immunisation argument? They are always entertaining.
I answered a question. That was all.
This was the best answer tho:
Thank you total stranger…

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