From long and drab to short and fab!

We all know I hate selfies but I wanted to show you my new ‘do.

I’ve had the same boring hair for years. Long, blonde and horrible. Ever since I stopped breastfeeding it’s been falling out everywhere. It’s been driving me mad. I’m finding hair all over the place!

So this morning I went to have it fixed. I’ve been looking at styles all week and had a few examples to show the hairdresser. I am never prepared except this time I wanted to have something to show or I’d probably just leave with the same old thing.

It’s my 3rd haircut since Maverick has been alive and probably only the 5th since Marshal arrived. The first few were just trims so this was a major change. The last time I cut it off would be probably 6-7 years ago. That’s when I met my husband. He loves me with short hair.

So here’s me now. I didn’t get a before shot




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