I’ve got worms!

…ok a worm farm that is.

I’ve been motivated by my mum to start composting and worming. She’s amazing at this stuff, I’ve got zero idea. But thought I’d give it a go.

A few weeks ago we were at my mums and Maverick loved to ‘feed the snakes’. So today we went and got our worm farm.

The guy at the hardware store gave us a great deal. 10% off the kit as the packaging was damaged (which is fine because apparently you put it in the farm and the worms eat it) and then gave me a box of worms for free as that box was damaged. He said people don’t buy these things. I guess that means there is a lot of waste out there that could be composted.

Have I made you feel guilty yet?

We throw out a bag of rubbish a day. A BAG! That’s insane and a bit embarrassing. And probably 75% of that is food waste. Now I feel guilty.

But not anymore.


I’m also hoping it somehow teaches the boys about the environment and all that stuff.

You’ve got to start somewhere…our world needs us!

**Speaking of my rubbish gardening skills, I’m pretty proud of my avocado I’m growing from a seed…look!



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