Thanks for my little brother…

“He’s a butt face.”

Such nice words to hear from your older brother. The first bit, not the second.

Not really sure where he learnt to call someone that, he’s only had 1 day of preschool and I’m positive most kids there that day barely looked at each other.

It makes me laugh to hear what comes out of Marshals mouth. The words poo, bum and penis are mentioned often. Normally followed with a giggle…and then the parrot copies.

Ah lil Maverick. The family parrot. Copies everything. EVERYTHING. More than Marshal ever did. His favourite phrase right now is “ah fuck it”. He must hear it often…oh I’m not getting mother of the year.

But not only words. Movement too. If Marshal does something then Maverick has to do it…but better. The jumping, rolling, breakdancing…all of it.

I was looking back at some videos of the boys a few weeks ago. The admiration on Mavericks face towards Marshal was enough to make me tear up. That was why I was glad to have a sibling for Marshal.

With Marshal in preschool 2 days a week I wonder how Maverick will go. Guessing we will hear more “where Shadal?” Like peas in a pod. Glad they are friends. Maybe one day Marshal will chose to call him something nicer than buttface…



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