Justicemum’s 25 days of Christmas – Day 1

So for some silly reason, I’ve decided to do 25 days of Christmas activities with my boys in the lead up to Christmas.

Today was day 1.

There are so many things we could do but I didn’t want to restrict it to arts and craft or just baking as a few people would probably just do those and keep it simple with 2 young kids. Oh, but not me. I’m looking at doing more, more crazy things.

Today we started off with the MOST (ok, maybe second most) important thing…putting up Christmas lights! Second would have to be a tree, but that will come later. December 1st every year the lights go up!

First I had to find them. Of course I have the box full of Christmas stuff, and the lights boxes were there…but completely empty. It is so like me not to have put them away last year. I had stashed them in the playroom cupboard/junk cupboard/sewing cupboard. And of course they were in a huge knot! So I had to sort that out. Lucky they still work, well most lights do!

With the boys running around crazy on the veranda, I managed to put them up, dodge a few spiders and switch them on for them to see. Pity its was 3pm and the sun was still up!

This...is not my house. Pretty cool tho!

This…is not my house. Pretty cool tho! Photo:moffatmn.com

My lights are pretty lame…I only have 2 strings of lights but it still makes the house feel welcoming and sort of gives it that Christmassy feeling.

This...is. It's not even dark outside yet.

This…is. It’s not even dark outside and the solar powered lights haven’t had enough sun to turn on yet! Lame…

I love Christmas lights. Reminds me another year has gone, and I’ve survived another year of being a mother. (I’ll write a yearly reflection piece another time.)

Tomorrow on day 2 we might actually do some baking, I think it’s supposed to rain.

If you have any Christmassy activities we could do, let me know. I do have planned a night to see the lights in the neighbourhood, going to the city to see the tree and the Santas, shopping for the perfect tree and some crafts.


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