These shoes were made for walking…or dancing…or anything really!

I don’t consider myself a girly-girl. I wear jean 97% of the time, the other 3% I wear denim shorts…that actually sit at my knee. I believe shorts should be longer than your vagina…I own dresses but never wear them.

But shoes, I LOVEEEEEE. It might be in my DNA being female, but I just love them. I’m not sure where it started, as I used to be a sneaker kind of girl. It could have started when I started working in an office and actually had to dress decent every day. I also had the disposable income a 20-something-year-old has.

At one point I had about 60 pairs of shoes. Heels, sneakers, wedges, flats. I had them all. I loved them all. I never wore them all.

I was addicted to buying them for 2 reasons.

  • They were cute and of course I’ll wear them sometime
  • They were on sale

So over time I had a collection. It took over my room. But that was ok, I lived by myself.

I even did an assignment on them when I did an Events Management course. I’m sure the class thought it was very entertaining.

A few years ago, I culled some. Gave them away, parted with them over time. I still have many shoes I never wear. Now I wear my thongs (flip-flops for those non-aussies) so today I made a decision. I was going to try to get rid of some.

I have posted many on a buy/sell Facebook page in the hopes to sell some to some other women who will love them. But I came across my wedding shoes.


Man, these shoes are gorgeous. I knew the second I saw them that they were meant to be on my feet as I walked down the aisle. What’s sad is that they have been sitting in a box for 3 years. These shoes are for dancing, not for staying hidden. It breaks my heart that I’ve had nowhere to wear them. Of course I had to put them on. Yep still fit. Yep, still gorgeous, yep still make me feel like a million dollars in my jean shorts from an op shop in Texas and my $6 singlet from Big W.

I now need to convince my husband to take me somewhere special that I can wear them. Cleaning, the park and shopping just won’t do them justice…


One thought on “These shoes were made for walking…or dancing…or anything really!

  1. Ooh I love them. My wedding shoes have been in a box for 3 years too but they were white and got very muddy during wedding pics. Kinda ruined 😦 but I can’t part with them.

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