I love days like these…

I love weekends where we just be. Be with each other, doing nothing much. We had friends around for a lazy lunch yesterday, I love just sitting, eating and chatting with them. Time always gets away from us.

Today I attempted to get a pedicure. I went, sat down, picked my colour (you would have NO idea how hard that part is). The lady took my old chipped polish off, then they asked if they could take care of the old lady who just came in. Sure, I wasn’t in a rush. Happy to sit with my feet in the warm blue water for a bit longer.

IMG_3908My husband messaged and I had to leave to get home. It was so embarrassing. I would normally never do it, but I had to do the walk of shame. They were apologetic, I was apologetic. So now I have naked toes and I hate it. It’s been too long having no paint on them. I’ll do a bad home job later tonight.

I spent the afternoon with the boys taking photos. Marshal is a character. He is now into Mario, dresses like Mario in a red t-shirt and overalls. He looks super cute. So we just took photos. Many many photos.

IMG_3844 IMG_3897Maverick has started saying “cheese” when the camera is pointed his way. I couldn’t see him but I could hear him behind the couch going “cheese, cheese”. He had picked up my phone and was attempting to take photos of himself. So stupidly adorable. I love the world of digital. I now have a gazillion photos of the cover of my phone…

IMG_3925We also had a little bit of chocolate…Maverick couldn’t find his mouth!

These are my favourite days where the family is home, we don’t have to be anywhere and we can just be.


One thought on “I love days like these…

  1. At least he is out of Thomas and the Wiggles! Lucky I didn’t get that present for Christmas – oh the changing world of kid’s minds!

    Grandma Ona

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