From cream you get…

Today I took 2 cartons of pure cream and created.

I made butter, butter milk and ghee. I’ve never made ghee before, and honestly, never really heard of it before getting my new cookbook Quirky Cooking.

I’ve recently started using butter to cook with unless I use olive oil, but that’s about it! I love the taste of butter and it is so much better for you than margarine. I only ever use full fat everything. Lite and low fat foods have no place in my home!

Freshly made butter

Freshly made butter

The other day I defrosted the cream that was near the use by date and was going to make scones, but like normal, I forgot to use it. Today I gave it the smell test and wasn’t 100% on it so I decided to make ghee.

First I made my butter and then I made the ghee in the Thermomix. I am surprised how easy it was. It took a few hours to make but I could set it and leave it until the machine sang and told me it was ready. I was a bit unsure as it reduced so much that I wouldn’t get much if any. And that I would be left with a burnt base. It made enough…but it did burn the bottom and took a bit to get it off.

Finished ghee. I can't wait to use it

Finished ghee.
I can’t wait to use it

The second carton of cream I made butter as I needed it for pastry. So that made butter milk that I will now freeze and use in my Sunday pancakes.



It’s amazing that for $7.40 I have

  • Butter – 500gm
  • Buttermilk – about 300gm
  • Ghee – about 300gm

In the shops it would have cost me about $12.50 if not more. Plus there are zero preservatives in my stuff! And that wins it hands down for me. So for a little bit of time and work, I’d do it all again!

Now I need to find out how to get shares in the pure cream company..or buy a cow!

If you want to know how to make ghee:

  • Place butter in Thermomix. I used 500gm. It makes about 300gm.
  • Set for 1 hour/varoma/speed 1. Once done, set another hour/varoma/speed 1.
  • Once done strain through a muslin cloth into a jar. Discard brown crumbs. Seal jar and keep in the cupboard until needed.
  • Use a glass jar with a metal lid.
  • It will set once it cools down.
  • Use it to cook with instead of butter or oil.
  • Failing this, my friend said you can make it in the microwave!

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