Time for a cake!!

We celebrate all the big things, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, even death. So why not celebrate the smaller milestones?

I’m not talking about walking, first words or first night sleeping through, although they are huge things that maybe deserve a celebration. I’m talking about being a toddler and their milestones.

Because I’m such an awesome mum, oh yeah I said it, I decided to bake Marshal a cake to celebrate this latest milestone…the no more nappies stage in life.

And yes, I’m going to serve it to a friend for morning tea. I can’t wait to see her face!

“Congratulations” didn’t fit (I tried it…) so I went with this:

My awesome cake for Marshal

My awesome cake for Marshal!

I’m obviously an bloody fantastic cake maker!! I hope it tastes ok.

I’m going to celebrate more things in this family. The next one might be “Marshal’s first hair cut!”

The question now is, will this end up on a website dedicated to the world’s worst cakes? I think so…


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