My cowboy’s last nappy!

Sometimes mums get excited about some weird things. First steps and first words are up there…this last week I’ve been excited for a totally different reason.

Drum roll…drmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Marshal is completely nappy free.

Even at night!

It happened so fast and honestly I’m glad. Having 2 kids in nappy’s was expensive. And I hate changing them. Toddlers never stay still.

But now everything is done in the toilet, its like a sigh of relief.

He started taking his nappy off at night and complaining that he didn’t like that one. Or he did a wee and it HAD to be changed (I took it off and put it back on, he was none the wiser…) but somehow he seemed to be going through 4 nappies a night. So he finally went with no nappy, no pants and that’s fine. I now do a dream wee and straight back to bed for the rest of the night!

I’ve never been more excited about the loo than that first bowel movement after giving birth!!! Oh yeah mothers…you know. And how the nurses keep asking, and then to have to check it…there are many reasons why I could never be a nurse….that being one!

I’ve decided to start Maverick this summer on the toilet. He knows what’s going on and has actually gone there a few times. The other night after his bath he was yelling “wee wee” and he sat down, did a small wee and was off. 3 minutes later he started crying in the lounge room and I found him up to his knees in poop. Luckily he wasn’t running around, and it kind of held him to the spot. Straight back in the bath. But he knew he had to do something, and that’s a good sign. Plus he has to go with everyone else when they go. He will even stick his head in the toilet bowl when Marshal is going…he hasn’t been wee’d on…yet.

I’m looking forward to the day I buy the last packet of nappies. Will it be next year or will there be another bum to put them on and yet another one to toilet train…time will tell.


After thought:

Tomorrow marks one year that I have been blogging…happy blogday to me!!! What an achievement I think. I want to thank you all for reading my words and following my stories. Here’s to another year of writing!



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