Day Light Save Me

Sigh…the last chocolate block was finished in our house last night. It tasted so good. But now it’s been banned here and probably for a good reason. My husband and I made the decision to not buy more chocolate. We now are getting up every day, throwing the kids in the pram and going for a walk.

Today was day one…

But we are normally up at 6am anyway and it’s better than watching TV or swearing under your breath that the kids woke up to early. And when you are greeted with a day like today, it makes getting up early worth it.


Such a gorgeous morning!

BUT I am looking forward to Day Light Savings starting next week. It will hopefully make the boys sleep past 5am. It will hopefully stop Marshal waking me up asking what the time is…he cannot tell time and has no concept of time. Why does he ask the time? I’ve told him he can’t get out of bed until 6am. It doesn’t work, ever. Once the boys are awake, its full steam ahead…all the way until midday when they crash for their sleep.

It makes a very long morning.

So day two tomorrow. I hope the day greets us the same way, with a beautiful sunrise and warm wind. FYI, it’s supposed to be 32 degrees tomorrow, we’re going to the pool. It’s hot in Sydney right now!

Let’s hope this walking keeps up for more than a week. If we have each other for motivation, we might just do it.


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