Last night I slept alone…and it felt GOOD!

I’ve made the decision to put Marshal back in his bed, resettle Maverick when he wakes up and eventually get my husband back to our bed.

I haven’t slept next to him in months. It’s been weird. He keeps saying he feels like a guest, having to pull the sofa bed out each night. It’s sad actually. I miss him. We greet in the morning in the kitchen, eat breakfast and he goes to work.

Things have to change…

Maverick goes to bed a bit earlier so Marshal starts the night in our bed, then I move him when he’s asleep. It used to work great, then he got sick in April and never went back. I’ve tried everything to get him back there. Bought Thomas sheets, got night lights, showed him there’s nothing to be afraid of, shown him how the monitor works so he can call me, and even tried to bribe him with new trains. Nothing…

So last night Marshal ended up in his bed. I took the plunge, praying he slept past midnight without screaming the house down. I went to bed at around 10.30 after falling asleep on the couch, and stretched out. It felt really good to have more than 4 cm of bed, no one kicking me in the gut, head and back and a whole pillow to myself. I passed out in bliss.

I heard Maverick at 4.40am. He started yelling “mummy” but then must have seen Marshal in the bed, and started yelling “sarshal sarshal” over and over at the top of his lungs. Of course this woke Marshal and I ended up with 2 wide awake little boys jumping all over the bed at 4.45am. Today was a disaster. I had tears by 5.30am because I wouldn’t let them wake Daddy…tears at 6.00am because…well for some other reason. Then it was just a morning of tears. Luckily we had some friends over to keep them distracted until nap time.

And they both napped for 3 hours…even I got a sneaky hour in.

I’m going to try again tonight…wish me luck and another 6 hours undisturbed sleep. Let me tell you…I need it.


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