Oh my, what big herbs you’ve got! (This is my 100th post…eek)

These types of days are my favourite. My husband is home, the kids aren’t screaming and I’ve actually had a shower AND washed my hair.

I’ve changed. I’ve got ideas in my head. I want to be more self sufficient. It’s probably a crazy idea but one that will benefit my family. I need an excuse for my silly thoughts…

Since I’ve changed to Aldi supermarkets from the ever price increasing Coles, (yes I’m naming) I’ve saved a heap of $$. But one thing I love is the specials they have. Last week on a whim, I bought a herb kit. It came with everything, seeds, pots, soil and a little tray to put them on. It even came with chalk to write on the little blackboard on the front. And for $7.99 I couldn’t go wrong. If I stuffed it up, I’d really lost nothing.

Growing fast!

Growing fast!

We all know what a shocking gardener I am, here’s proof. But I’ve decided to try again. Within 4 days I had sprouts and it’s been 1.5 weeks and they are growing so fast. Every time I look at them, and it’s a few times a day, I’m amazed at the speed that they grow. Maybe I can grow things?

I’ve only ever grown 1 pot plant (wink wink) before, when I was in high school, and it grew about 4 feet tall. Then it was stolen. But it grew and that’s what matters.

Then I saw they were selling a raised garden bed. This morning I packed up Maverick and headed to the local shops. If you have ever been to Aldi, it’s crazy at the best of times. This morning, it was packed. People were walking out with 5, 6 or 7 garden beds. I started getting upset thinking I’d missed out 15 minutes after the store had opened. Luckily they had plenty left and I got my 1 package.

I’ve done the maths of how much soil it would take to fill it. 325 litres of soil, its about 30 x 10litre bags…that’s about $90 if I get their soil. Twice what it cost! Maybe it will sit in the car for awhile.

But I have hopes and dreams of growing carrots, broccoli, strawberries and maybe a cauliflower. Keeping it simple, but enough so we can eat fresh. I’m not sure it would save up a lot of money, but I would feel better knowing I’d grown it. And quietly, pretty proud.

It will also be a great learning tool for Marshal and Maverick. They will have a great time digging in the dirt, finding food and seeing where it comes from.

One day, I’ll add chickens to my yard. Maybe I should just go live on a farm…


Oh and happy 100 posts to me!!!!!!!!!! What an achievement. I just might celebrate with some bubbles (ok I’m going to have a cuppa and blow bubbles thru a straw…)




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