hop hop hop until you just can’t stop! – blog hopping.

Lately my days consist of some broken sleep, wrangle 2 toddlers, try to put healthy food in their bellies, thinking about having a third baby, cleaning up after them, seeing friends so I keep in contact with the outside world, attempting to keep a decent living area, rethinking my idea of having another baby, grocery shopping, and somewhere in there spending time with my husband. It takes a heap of effort to do it all. Writing has just become another chore.

So I’ve joined some Facebook blogging groups to get some inspiration again. It’s great to see so many other women blog and get a following. I just haven’t put in the effort. But now is the time to do it.

I said yes to a blog hop. Joining up with other bloggers, finding out why they write and passing on the inspiration to other bloggers and answering some questions. Kind of like the Lieberman Award I did earlier in the year.

I’ve linked up with another Sydney blogger Georgia from Inner City Stinge who I thought was a new blog to me, but I’d actually come across her work before. Have a read and follow her work, she has some great stuff on there on living in a big city on a tiny budget. What big city living person doesn’t want that information?

So here goes…

When I was asked “why do you write?” I really had to think. I’ve never thought of myself as a writer. I hated writing in school and didn’t do too well. I also attribute this to some really crappy teaching and hanging with the wrong crowd. I remember one school trip to Parliament House and I wasn’t allowed to go because my grades weren’t good enough. What a way to encourage better grades. I think I just gave up there. I moved into art and fashion subjects. I was more creative I guess. I enjoyed those and excelled. Maybe writing is another way I can be creative.

I’ve also found it to be a really good depression killer. After the birth of Marshal, I kept everything in, which I see now I should have spoken up about what happened. Then getting pregnant again and having another birth not to my plan, I have found writing has helped deal with it.

The next question I was asked was “how does my writing differ from other in its genre?”

I don’t think it does. I’m just another mummy blogger who writes about kids, food and all the crap, pun intended, that goes with it. It’s hard to stand out when there are 506,478 other mummy bloggers out there. I like to think people read it because I’m telling it like it is although I like to make light of most situations. I like to believe I hit a chord with other mums or soon-to-be mums. Or dad’s. Or anyone really…

“What am I working on?” Writing wise? Nothing much. I don’t give too much thought in to what I post. I just write about the crazy adventures I go on with my 2 boys, cooking with my Thermomix and anything else I come up with. Personal wise? I’m just trying to be the best mum I can be which is an on-going job. Probably my main thing I’m doing is learning about foods and trying new ones. It’s really interesting stuff. I’ve never worried about food intake before, but now knowing what they put in processed food to make it taste better, it’s really a motivation to eat better and get rid of the added sugars, preservatives and crap. You can read about my cooking on the blog. I’m hoping to start writing more of my own recipes too. Which means more cooking/baking experiments…my little taste testers will be happy.

I’m also working on my home “hobby” Little Pop Rocket Children’s Accessories (shameless plug here). Making dribble bibs, and trying to decide where to go next with it. I have the ideas, just need to put some more time, money and effort into it. Next year when Marshal goes to pre-school, it will be easier.

“Do I write what I do?” Yep, otherwise what would I write about? The best writers write what they know. I find forensics interesting, but I don’t do it and all I know about it is what I see on Law and Order. I’m sure there are zero people in this world that want the latest Law and Order updates…although I do wonder sometimes who wants to read about toilet training and sleep deprivation?

“How does my writing process work?” I just write. I write it out when I think of it and post. If i have a great idea and start but don’t know how to get past the first few lines, then I delete and close the computer. Otherwise I just keep going. I usually only give it a quick proof read before publishing. Also I don’t get a lot of time to write, normally when the boys are sleeping in the day which could be 40 mins to 3 hours.

That said, I’ve been sitting on this post for over a week…

I love to write, I never thought I’d write but then again I never thought I’d be a stay at home mum. Things change people change and if I’m enjoying it, why stop? And if you’re enjoying reading it, don’t stop either.

I’d like to introduce you to another blogger:

Meet Lauren at Createbakemake. She’s a mum and a baker plus more, and tells her stories on her blog. If she loves baking, then she’s got my heart. And I tell you, her food looks AMAZING. Puts me to shame…I might be trying some of her ideas.




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