My boys love dipping.

I am a messy cook. My husband hates it I’m sure. I don’t clean up as I go. I just make mess upon mess. The only thing that gets cleaned is Thermo…to make more food (and mess.)

When I'm cooking, it's incredibly messy

When I’m cooking, it’s incredibly messy

Yesterday I had some friends over for lunch. Last time they were down I went crazy with food. Down to making my own mayonnaise. This time I relaxed it a bit. I made 4 dips and that was it. But it was plenty. I loved the casual sitting around dipping and eating.

I love dips. My boys love dips and I love that they love dips. Now I use veggies and fresh ingredients, instead of buying dips, it makes it ok that I can give them a dip dinner. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

You can find the recipes here:

Gherkin dip


Beetroot, cashew and parmesan

Creamy Sun-dried Tomato

Yes I’m addicted to this website. Has some amazing recipes. don't get flavours like these when they are store bought.

Dips…you don’t get flavours like these when they are store bought.

Since I’ve had Thermo, I’ve become a food snob. It’s awful. I took Maverick shopping the other week, but after packing my home made healthy food and forgetting them on the kitchen bench, I had to buy him stuff. OH MY! The guilt I had for giving him “store bought packet food” was crazy. I knew he wouldn’t die eating it. Hell, he’d eaten it for months and he was fine. But the wave of “oh my God, I’m the worst mother” was intense.

I try to make new foods for the family, but end up throwing a lot out. Marshal will take a look at it, or sometimes not even look at it before he yells “I don’t like it, it’s disgusting”. Then continues to eat pasta, peas and corn for dinner. I’m sure he will change one day…right? RIGHT?

Maverick is my star pupil. He eats everything. Such a champ. He had a wonderful time dipping chips the other day over and over again. Luckily everyone was finished, I’m not sure we would have wanted toddler slobber mixed flavoured dips. I’m just happy with some mouthfuls he could still go “mmmm”.

My kitchen after the huge clean up

My kitchen after the huge clean up



2 thoughts on “My boys love dipping.

  1. Thanks for sharing the recipes, they sound great. I love dip too. I just did a minor kitchen clean up but have to admit that I need a full scale scrub down. Kitchen looks great!

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