I’ve gone mad…lemon mad!

Yesterday I picked about 20+ lemons from my mother-in-laws fruitful tree. I love lemons. Especially when they are free and fresh!

Lemons galore!

Lemons galore!

Then I had the enormous task of deciding what to create with them. Today I spent a bit in the kitchen, making yummy things.

I started by making play-doh. Yes, I used lemons. Not only does it give it a delicious smell, tastes better when Maverick decides to eat it but I didn’t have any cream of tartar. So I substituted. Another reason for the play-doh was to keep the boys occupied so I could bake.



Homemade lemon butter

Next I wanted to make lemon butter. But needed butter to do this. So I made a lot of butter to begin, then made lemon butter for the first time. Oh my, why had I never made it before? It is amazing. I reduced the amount of sugar in it as we eat enough added sugar. I’d hate to think how much sweeter it would be with the full amount of sugar.


After searching the internet for something else to make with the ingredients I already had, I decided upon Lemon and coconut brownies. Normally brownies are chocolate, right? Well I’m all for trying new foods (now) so I got started.

Lemon and coconut brownies. These are so good!

Lemon and coconut brownies. These are so good!

This recipe also called for a bucket load of sugar so I halved it. Glad I did, as it too, is quite sweet. But this was so yummy. Maverick sat and ate 3 pieces, Marshal just said “yuck”. But that was to be expected.







Last item for today, I made a lemon sauce to go on some chicken for dinner. Tangy in just the right way. Of course Marshal didn’t even try it, but Maverick licked it up off my plate, so it must have been ok.

Lemon sauce with chicken, rice and veggies

Lemon sauce with chicken, rice and veggies

I still have about 10 lemons to use before I head out to her house again and pick some more. I’ve just finished easting some brownies covered in a chocolate sauce I made a few weeks ago (can’t let it go to waste…) so it might be getting made again before the week is over.

My treat for after the boys are in bed

My treat for after the boys are in bed









What is your favourite lemony recipe? What should I make next?


2 thoughts on “I’ve gone mad…lemon mad!

  1. I think my favorite Lemony thing to eat is lemon meringue pie, followed by lemon chicken. I don’t make too much with lemons though. What you made does look really good though.

  2. I’ve never heard of lemon butter, but my mouth is watering just thinking about it so it must be great! Thanks, can’t wait to make it!

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