Sorry Mav, milks all gone

I did it! I have finally finished and I feel GREAT!

I weaned Maverick. He’s almost 17 months old and I am super proud of myself. I never ever thought I’d breastfeed for this long, but I did.

Originally I had 12 months in my head, but then I got thinking (like I always do) that why stop? It’s not long enough. I haven’t done a good enough job. It’s only just getting started…blah blah…I got inside my own head and started talking down to myself.

Which in fact, 16 months IS great. I HAVE done an amazing job. I pat myself on the back.

Another good thing about this is he seems to be sleeping a bit better. If you know the back stories, he has been a terrible sleeper for his whole life. But all of a sudden, he is sleeping for 2-3 hours during the day and up to 5-6 hours in one stretch at night.

2 nights ago I had 6 hours sleep without him. I tell you, I felt wonderful in the morning. Apart from waking up at 4.30am, I still felt really good.

I always felt guilty (my head going full steam again) about ending feeding Marshal when he was 6 months old. As he was mix fed due to my health issues, I always had those guilt feelings with EVERY feed but when it ended, the emotional roller-coaster was terrifying.

This time, I didn’t have that. I tried a few weeks ago, but wasn’t ready. This time, I was. I just knew. He seems ok with it which I guess has helped.

I’ve just go to keep remembering that I’ve done my best and he is healthy, happy (most of the time) and alive.




2 thoughts on “Sorry Mav, milks all gone

  1. Well done! I think weaning is emotional whenever and however it happens. My oldest weaned himself at 17 months when I was 17 weeks pregnant with his brother.

    The other thing to remember is that they don’t ask who was bottle fed or breast fed on university admission forms. 🙂

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