Through the eyes of a child

A while ago I picked up a kids camera at a garage sale. Marshal loves it and every now and then it makes an appearance. I love that I can see the world through his eyes. Normally it’s a lot of fingers over the lens, or the flash whites everything out. But sometimes there are actually some really decent photos.

The other night he was running around pants-less, taking photos. Afterwards we were looking through the pictures and the conversation went like this:

Me: “What’s that?”

Marshal: “That’s Curly”

Me: “Ahhh ohhh…is that the only place you’ve done a Curly?”

Marshal: “Yes, I love Curly.”

(Here I would add a photo, but I didn’t want to gross everyone out!)

Try explaining to a 3 year old, why you have to put his named poo down the toilet. I tried to say he was going for a swim, only to have Marshal reply “but he doesn’t have arms! I miss Curly”

I searched the house for another “Curly” but thankfully couldn’t find one.

Now let me share some of the good photos:

DC00116 DC00132 DC00183 DC00222 DC00232 DC00303 DC00007 DC00004 DC00008 I think he has an unknown talent. I can’t wait to see what he photos he takes as he gets older. I’m glad I can keep them all on the computer. Maybe in a few years we can have a “slide night”. I’ll also bring out the Curly photo then!


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