Justicemum’s easy peasy noodle dinner: Thermomix

My boys love noodles. Tonight I answered the question: can you do noodles in Thermo? Let’s see…here’s my recipe.

Chop up any veggies you want. I used carrots and broccoli (I would add mushrooms but my family doesn’t like them. I would also add cauliflower but I forgot to get some!)
Place in varoma bowl. If you wanted to add meat, now would be your chance. Chose chicken, bacon, prawns, beef strips, anything. I’m doing meat free tonight.
Pour 900gm water into mixing bowl. Heat varoma/speed 1/20 mins.
Place varoma on top.
At 6 mins put your noodles in the varoma tray. Let them steam to open, no need to soak before.
At 3 minutes I added bean sprouts to the tray.

Once cooked set aside.

Empty water from the mixing bowl. Now for the sauce. My boys love honey soy. But I am over buying it because pre-purchased sauces have more than honey and soy…so here’s my sauce.

1 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp honey
1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce

Place all in mixing bowl. Stir for 1.5-2 mins/speed 1/60 degrees or until the honey is melted.

Pour everything into the varoma bowl and mix.


I put a few more bean sprouts on top to serve. Yum.

So yes, you can cook noodles in the thermomix. I love it because it’s not cooked in oil and it’s delicious! 20140529-165505-60905125.jpg


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