The mess and the clean up

BOYS ARE MESSY! Yes that was yelled. It drives me mental with the amount of mess and dirt they create. Is it just boys or are girls like this too?

I vacuumed last night just before the boys went to bed and mopped after they were gone. Then at least I knew the house would be clean for 12 hours, I woke up and I swear it was just as messy as it was BEFORE I cleaned. Do I have elves that come in and put shit everywhere? If I ever find those elves…

And then there is the wee. Yes, Marshal’s being toilet trained…again…for the FINAL time. But he just wee’s everywhere. Lucky it hasn’t been on the couch. And lucky we have floor boards. He doesn’t get that undies and pants DO NOT hold it. I will not go back to nappies. I’ve started, it’s been a week of wet clothes, wet floors and wet legs. He will get there…right? RIGHT? I hope it triggers soon, I’m so over wiping up wee.

Then there’s Maverick, who has recently taken to taking his clothes off first thing in the morning. You hear pop. pop…the press studs undoing, and then his little belly sticks out and next thing, he’s only in a nappy. Yes, it’s adorable. Yes, it’s autumn and cooler in the mornings now. That doesn’t faze him. He is minutes away from discovering that the nappy can come off easily too. He loves being nude. Such a boy.


He loves to eat paint and drink the washing up water.

We go to parks and my 2 always seem to find the water taps. No matter how many times you say “no going in the water today” it’s useless. Just be thankful I remembered a change of clothes that day.

So, do girls do this? Do they strip and wet themselves with pee and water all the time? (Actually I know one little girl who is like this…she loves water and finds it anywhere! Then she gets drenched along with whoever is with her.)

It’s probably half my fault, I guess I’m taking some blame. I let them walk around eating, jump on the couch. I let them roll in the dirt. Bring leaves and sticks and sandy shoes inside. But they are kids. They have plenty of time to be clean and proper later in life. For now, play, live and laugh my boys.


One thought on “The mess and the clean up

  1. I’ve heard stories from my friends who can prove that girls are just as messy! But I’m raising a little boy and I guess I have all that to look forward to! 🙂

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