Flowers and art

I am sitting here updating and uploading photos to my Facebook page for my new business adventure. It’s hard to do, not the upload part, that’s easy! The making something out of nothing part.

I have my items…but then there are 5497 other mums, just like me, who have the same ideas. It’s really, really hard. And it’s not just having the idea. You have to join EVERYTHING. Seriously, everything:

Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blog, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, Instagram…the list goes on. I can’t keep up!

And then, you have to stand out!

My husband says to just let it be a bit of fun and if anything comes from it then it’s a bonus. He is so very right. I’m stressing over it too much.

So I’m sitting here, looking at my wilting Mother’s Day flowers and the painting my toddler did the other day. One day, the toddler will be all grown up. The flowers will be gone.

I’ve had a bath with some lovely oils. Worrying about all those apps and stuff, it’s not worth it right now. Time to put down the phone, iPad and computer and leave the stress “at work”. It can stay in the digital world. The real life things are important, flowers, paintings and my family.


Apparently the painting is of Gordon, the big blue engine from the Thomas series. It then had water poured on it, and not by accident. Ahhh the minds of 3 year olds!

I actually really like it.


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