The love has returned…

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit off about the Thermomix…actually, I guess it’s about cooking every night. I’m over it. I knew this would happen.

So I attended a cooking class. It was more of a demonstration but still good nonetheless. I really haven’t been using it to it’s full potential. I’ve been making boring stuff…yes, yes it’s all healthish, better than we’ve been eating, but still boring.

I came home with a new sense of adventure. I have all these wonderful ideas. At the class, one of the hosts had made a gluten free bread and it was AMAZING! I’m not gluten intolerant, but thought this might be a better way to eat bread.

So today I trudged up to the shops with zero idea where to get xanthan gum and millet (or actually what they are). Who knew the gum was a powder! If the sales lady didn’t know I would have been there scratching my head for hours or given up completely. I’m glad I could get everything in one place. And it was a lot cheaper than I expected. Still not the cheapest, but this whole eating better thing might not be that far out of reach.

Here is my first attempt at gluten free bread.

I probably could have milled the rice and millet a little bit more, but it tasted pretty good. Not as good as the one the other night, but still yummy. Of course the toddler didn’t like it.

Tonight I was dreading cooking dinner. I looked at my meal plan and didn’t want quiche, so I’ve decided on fried rice. Yes, my readers, fried rice in Thermo. I’ve done it once before and it was a hit.

I’m not going to write the recipe down as I don’t want to steal it from it’s creator. You can find it here.

This time I was going to be organised. The first time I was rushed chopping everything up, and it didn’t cook in the time and then it was a mess. So I had everything prepared today.

I love it as it’s so healthy, easy and makes enough for 2 nights! Less cooking, so that’s a win for me! If you have a Thermomix, you have to try it!



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