You know what?

There are few things that really annoy me in this world.

The list is this, but not limited to it:

– drivers that cut into the turning lane at the last minute because they are obviously more important than everyone else.

– people that spit in public, and those that clip nails there too.

– clothes that are sewn badly.









This last one, really gets up my nose. It messes with ironing, and wearing. I hate ironing at all times, its a stupid chore, but when you have an item of clothing that can’t be laid flat and the ironing make creases that aren’t on the seams due to the makers not giving a crap, it frustrates the hell out of me. Having an ironed crease that runs at an angle, just looks like I can’t iron.

I have purchased some shirts from a store that will remain nameless, but they have a reputation for being at the upper end of the department stores. Yes, the shirts were on sale and actually weren’t that expensive. But if you are going to sell something, at least make the effort to have the seams sewn straight.

When I finished college, I did a stint in Fashion School. I learned to take care with garments, how to cut, sew and the rest. Now, I get that companies cut them in layers of 20 to reduce time, costs and such. But it really makes an unpleasant wearer experience.

So now I have 4 tops, all with the seams off and they sit crooked. I’ll still wear them as they cover the bumps in the right spots and they are nice colours. Lucky for them, the stripes match up on the seam…don’t get me started on stripes that don’t meet…


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