Busy, busy, busy!

Feel like I’m neglecting this blog! I haven’t done the last few days of the assignments, and haven’t read anything or posted anything. I’ve been busy!

I have been sewing. I’ve come up with this CRAZY idea to sew, while looking after my family. I’ve always loved to sew. My mum taught me and I continued it in college and then at Technical College. I studied for about 2 years out of a 4 year course. Quit, like everything I’ve ever done. The reason? It wasn’t my ideas. Every time you came up with something the teachers disagreed and you felt like changing it just to please them. That wasn’t for me. Anyway, I left and ended up traveling and being a Au Pair. (That is another story)

But now I’ve gotten back into it. I’ve had the idea for ages, and have stockpiled material over the years. It is time I did something with it. And I have…finally.

The pile of fabric is doing 2 things. The old stuff is getting used, but I’ve bought more. Can’t go past a cute print! It will get used, I’m sure.

My new sewing machine, well, not really new, I got it for my 30th as few years ago, used it about 3 times. Now its getting a good run. Such a nice machine. So quick and easy. Makes this crazy thing I’m doing better.


Yes, I made this bib, cute!

I’m going to sew my little heart out, and then hopefully make a few dollars. If not, people having babies will be getting a lot of gifts, handmade ones of course!


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