Musical beds.

It’s been musical beds at my place for the past few weeks.

First the toddler got sick, then the baby, then the husband. Then everyone was better, then I got sick and now both boys have snot dripping again. Sigh.

When the toddler was sick he liked being in bed with my husband. So I went to the toddlers bed with the baby. Then when he was on the mend, and the baby got sick, it was me and the baby in my bed, the toddler in his and the husband on the sofa bed. Now it’s back to me in the toddlers bed. Following?


I don’t mind it, that part of the house is lovely and quiet. I think I sleep better overall. But sharing a single bed with a baby who doesn’t stop moving is hard. I’m glad I got a full sized bed and a good mattress, not just a toddler bed!

Two nights ago, he had an incredibly restless night. Did not stop moving all night. Drove me crazy. At around 3, I must have actually fallen into a deep sleep only to be woken by the baby crying. He wasn’t next to me. I got up. He had climbed over me, out of bed and was running down the hallway. He ran straight to me and came back to bed. I’m still laughing.

I think when he goes into his own big bed, we are in for a treat.

Normally I move the toddler into his own bed once he’s asleep. Lately he’s been waking at about 10 crying and not going back to sleep until he is next to dad. So I just cut out the effort and now I just go to his bed to sleep.

I’m hoping one day soon we can all get some sleep in our own beds. I miss my bed, don’t miss the snoring from the husband, and very over the co-sleeping. Who’d think being a family was to be so full of fun?


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