My finger and the cheese grater!

Tonight I grated my fingers…straight through the nail and across the knuckles. Hurts, I screamed, blood!

After I’d calmed down and got my husband to finish dinner, I put on a band-aid. Sadly the only type I had were The Wiggles.

It got us thinking, we don’t have a first aid kit. What if our boys crack their head open, loose a tooth? Cut their arm? I really have no supplies.

Starting this week, I need to put together something. First, I need more band-aids, and not just kids ones.

Then I need to brush up on my first aid skills. It’s been years since I’ve done a course, and having kids, I should know what to do. My husband freaks out at blood, bumps and bruises, so I really need to know my stuff.

Years ago, my husband split his head open on a kitchen cupboard. We had just carved the roast, making the gravy and then he smacked his head! Blood everywhere. He didn’t know if we should eat first or head to the hospital first. I said hospital. Lucky, he ended up with 3 stitches in his skull. The roast wasn’t as good after a few hours, but at least his head was stuck back together.

So parents (and maybe those who aren’t parents) get a first aid kit together. Learn the basics, you never know when you will need a normal band-aid or CPR.


4 thoughts on “My finger and the cheese grater!

  1. I’ve done that, nearly took out half my thumb lol…. Can I just ask though, what is ‘gravy and smack’? Im from the UK and smack over here is something you wouldn’t want to but on your roast. Just curious.

  2. Great post! It’s really important to have your first aid skills up to date. I’ve done CPR on a stranger before and saved his life – you never know when you’ll need it.
    I also have a fire blanket stuck to the wall in the kitchen where I can grab it if something on the stove catches fire. I really should have a fire extinguisher too.

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