You put your left leg in…

I’ve never claimed to be a good dancer. But I swear, the second you have children, any form of coordination leaves your body. Maybe the placenta steals it…

Today I was dancing with my boys. Well it was more they were jumping around screaming, and I was doing this weird arm wiggle, leg tapping bob. I’m even sure my butt was trying to do something half decent (ok, I was singing ‘shake your booty’ while attempting to shake my booty…I almost booed myself off stage!)

I’m incredibly lucky that the age my boys are at, they just think it’s great that mum is dancing retardedly around the lounge room. They don’t care what I look like. It’s actually refreshing to know that what ever I do, they won’t judge.

I’m sure that time is coming…if I danced like this at their school dance, or worse, their wedding, I’m sure there would be some talk about putting me in a home.

The noise my boys make when music is on is fantastic. It’s wonderful to watch them carry on, jump around and have fun. Even the baby gets involved. He’s learning how to jump (well bend and try really hard to leave the ground, failing, it’s very cute) but I’m sure when he gets his fearless suit on, I’m sure he will be jumping off the lounge and flying around crazy with me and the toddler.

I hope the silly dancing lasts for a few more years. Feels like I’m still young.


One thought on “You put your left leg in…

  1. as (occasionally) the stereotypical moody teenager, i just cringed a little reading this, imagining how i used to dance with my parents when i was little XO ah well, i’m probably gonna be that mum in 10 or so years ;3

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