Snotty McSnot Snot!

20140409-203928.jpgTonight marks the third night the baby has been sick. He caught the cold off the toddler. But it’s really hit him hard.

There’s the temp, the runny nose, the tears and worse, the cough. He won’t sleep unless tucked up in my arms. He won’t be alone, wants to be with me 24 hours a day. He even invited himself in the shower this morning.

The poor little thing. Breaks my heart he’s sick. Hasn’t put him off food which is good. Ate all his lasagne tonight.

It’s the lack of sleep that gets me. The last 2 nights the husband has been on the sofa bed. Before that, I was in the toddlers bed with the baby, the husband and toddler in our bed. Musical beds!

The baby has never slept very well, but these last 2 nights, it’s been in 20 minute blocks, followed by crying then 10 minutes to settle, followed by 20 minutes of sleeping…repeat. All. Night. Long… Mornings, I’m exhausted, he’s exhausted. It’s not fun.

8.18pm, he’s been ‘in bed’ for over an hour but woken 6 times crying. I just want a cuppa that’s hot and to give my husband a cuddle.

I want the baby with the spark back. I want him to feel better, I want to take away the hurt.

Get better little man…and most of all, sleep.


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