Justicemum’s yummo muesli bars – Thermomix

I hate buying the kids muesli bars as they have so many additives and who knows what in them. I have tried to find a good recipe for muesli bars without much luck. So, I’ve created my own, with a few ideas from others….so here are Justicemum’s yummo muesli bars.

What you need:

1 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch salt
70gm peanuts (take them out if allergies, can be replaced with some sort of seed.)
90gm dried apricot
85gm raisins or sultanas
165gm mixed seeds. Sunbeam sell a sunflower and pepitas mix.
70gm rolled oats
2 eggs

What you do:

Pre-heat oven to 180oC. Line square or rectangle pan with baking paper.

Place everything into mixing bowl. Blend on turbo for 2-3 seconds until all mixed in. Stir for another 2-3 seconds.

Press mixture into pan. If you feel like it, press some chocolate bits into the top of the mixture. Bake in oven for about 15-20 minutes. Cool in pan and cut into slices.

As these have nuts in them, they can’t be taken to school, playgroups etc…

They store in fridge for up to a week or they are great to freeze.


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