Rocking this housewife role!

It’s taken me years to attempt to get organised. Well folks, this time I’ve actually started!

Everything has forever been kept in bags with pegs or elastic bands holding them closed. Not anymore! I was surprised (no, not really) of the amount of stuff that was out of date. I also found rice flour…why would I have bought that?

So I’ve got containers and took the time to sort, chuck out and clean it up. It was really about time.

Then I created this:

I can now plan for a months worth of dinners, shop (hopefully) once and eat better. Yes all this will mostly be made in Thermo. It’s not the healthiest menu, but it will be fresh. Once I work out what can be done in Thermo, I’m sure it will get better.

Today these were my side jobs…I completed them, plus I also made Anzac biscuits and chocolate mousse. Housewife of the year?

I said it’s my year to get organised! Next to get cleaned? The boys room…that might take awhile!


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