The family gets together!


It’s been a busy week and a bit.

We got home from our holiday, had one day to rest then my brother and his family turned up. The next day he flew to New Zealand for work and we spent the week with his wife and daughter.

They were a delight to have here. My 2 loved having their cousin here. It was crazy with 3 under (just over) 3. If one climbed up on something, the other 2 followed. If one jumped off something, then the other 2 were close behind. Yes even the baby was attempting everything! It was fun, until the toddler went head first into the wall. Didn’t slow them down.

The weekend came and the whole family was here. Both brothers, mum, sister in law, niece, and my brothers girlfriend. It was a full house…I loved it.

I miss my brothers. They both live so far away. One in Perth, the other in Colorado. We’re lucky we get along really well. We always have.

The last time we were together was my wedding almost 3 years ago. I wish we could see each other more.

I know my older brother reads this, not sure on my younger one. I hope I make them proud. I don’t earn a living, but I raise my boys and look after my family. I hope my boys turn out half as good as my brothers. My mum raised them pretty good.

I’m proud of them too. Thanks for being there for me.


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